Dr Burgener Switzerland

 DR BURGENER SWITZERLAND's skin care products, with their noble and enveloping textures, and visible effectiveness, are created with passion and high standards by teams of cosmetologists, pharmacists, dermatologists and doctors, and come to life in Switzerland.

A holistic and scientific approach guides the creation of our cosmetic products, where common sense is essential. 

Biologique Recherche Paris

Biologists, physiotherapists and doctors have leveraged their complementary knowledge to write a revolutionary story in the world of cosmetic treatments whilst creating this brand. Today, a clinical approach to aesthetics combined with pure, concentrated products almost in their natural state along with rigorous state-of-the-art protocols are the foundation of this new generation methodology. A holistic view of the skin as an organ, directly related to all others results in innovative skin care products that are recognized as having a profound effect on the structure of the epidermis.


Our passionately dedicated therapists are constantly improving their skills with new techniques in order to offer you customized facial treatments adapted to your needs.
For an even more visible results, we offer you a selection of professional masks to complement your treatment (add on).  

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