Royal Savoy
The Brasserie du Royal

Indulge in a delightful experience at the Brasserie du Royal with its inviting ambiance, historic art, and delectable cuisine and wines.

The Brasserie
The Brasserie du Royal is a delightful dining spot that blends modern elegance with classic and contemporary flavors. Come and savor our delicious dishes, discover our seasonal menu and experience the luxurious atmosphere with unparalleled service.
The Brasserie's contemporary menu offers an array of innovative dishes that celebrate locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients. Our Chefs have prepared beautiful and imaginative delicacies for you to enjoy.
Oyster Bar
For the very first time, The Oyster Bar has opened its doors ! Explore a selection of seafood and order your Royal platter. Experience this exceptional offering, with the installation of a brazier on the Brasserie's terrace to make the moment even more convivial.
The Chef
"Our contemporary and creative cuisine at the Brasserie du Royal is a celebration of the finest ingredients, expertly prepared and presented with passion and creativity. We strive to create dishes that both surprise and delight our guests, while staying true to the rich culinary traditions that have made French cuisine a global standard-bearer of excellence."
Chef Paolo Principe