Royal Savoy

Pioneering sustainability since 1909

Exceptional care for our guests, our community and the environment
The Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa Lausanne epitomizes luxury and elegance on the shores of Lake Geneva. Renowned for its timeless charm, it now embarks on a groundbreaking sustainability journey. Their visionary new plan combines opulence with eco-conscious practices, redefining hospitality standards while preserving the planet. Some of the many initiatives that the Royal Savoy are apart of include all cleaning products are sustainable to the environment. The Royal Savoy supports local partners in its partnerships, this includes local produce for the Brasserie.
A Great Place to Work
Our employees are our most important resource: satisfied guests result from the well-being of our employees. As an employer, we invest sustainably in the satisfaction, development, occupational safety and health of our teams. Our aim is to treat our most valuable asset fairly and respectfully. We communicate openly and transparently, take individual needs seriously, offer platforms for having a say and actively promote the training and development of our employees.
Certifications and Programmes
We are grateful for the recognition of our commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility. Having obtained Green Globe Certification and being part of Swisstainable reflects our dedication to sustainability. Among the LHW, we are honored to be recognized as a Sustainability Leader.
Green Globe
Certification since September 2023
Level 3 certification
LHW Sustainability Leaders
Since 2023
A Sustainable Collection
From the day the first hotel in Bürgenstock Collection opened we had ambitious environmental designs. By 1888 we introduced a groundbreaking electric funicular and hydroelectric power to our 500-metre-high Bürgenstock mountainside. Our story began with two entrepreneurs from local villages, creating a legacy of community spirit, while Switzerland’s snow peaked Alps are a constant reminder of our responsibilities to the planet. Sustainability is a true pillar of the Bürgenstock Collection and our vision begins with our guests’ desire to travel well in this precious world.