Royal Savoy
Cocktail Masterclass

Join Laura Brison for private mixology workshops at the Royal Savoy

The Offer

Whether you're simply curious about the world of mixology or seeking an immersive experience, this small-group workshop will teach you the fundamentals of crafting your own cocktails.


Led by our experts in luxury hospitality and dining in French, with the possibility to provide explanations in English.

  • Thursday, April 18th and June 20th at 5:30 PM

  • 1:30 minutes of guided workshop led by an expert with appetizers

  • Participation subject to registration, limited spots

  • We accept participants aged 18 and above

  • CHF 80.-

Masterclass Margarita

During the launch of the first workshop on April 18th with Laura Brison from the Lobby Bar, dive into the art of Mexican mixology with our Margarita Master Class. Discover the secrets of classic cocktails and explore daring variations, all accompanied by a premium tequila tasting.

April 18th
Gin & Friends

Under the expert guidance of our Lobby Bar team, explore the different varieties of gin, learn mixing techniques, and uncover the secrets to achieving perfectly balanced blends.

June 20th